Springfield VA

Springfield, Virginia Home Repair and Construction


More than half of the single family homes in Springfield, Virginia have been standing strong for well over a half a century. The careful craftsmanship and high-quality materials used in the construction of these stately homes is evidenced in how well these houses have weathered generations of snow, wind, and rain and look just as sturdy as the day they were built.

 Of course, no matter how well-built the home and how sturdy it looks, over time the elements will eventually wear down a home’s tough outer defenses allowing moisture to gain access to the more vulnerable inner structures of the home. Proper home maintenance is the key to keeping your home standing tall for another 50 years.

 At Semper Fi Exteriors we have a large team with a diverse array of skill and knowledge. This allows us to complete nearly every aspect of your home construction or maintenance project without the need for additional contractors which means less money out of your pocket.



Our team of roofing specialists can handle any project from roofing repairs to full roof replacement. Springfield, VA gets heavy snowfall in the winter which can cause severe roof damage. We strongly recommend that you have a professional inspector examine your roof and assess for damage after the winter snow clears. It is far more economical to catch repairs early rather than wait until a full roof replacement is needed. If your roof is in need of replacement we can often get the work done in just a few days..



Siding is the often overlooked workhorse of your home’s outer defenses. Most homeowners do not give their home’s siding a second thought until it becomes an eyesore. This is far too late. It is important to inspect your home’s siding several times a year carefully and immediately after any sort of violent weather event when it may have been harmed. If moisture is able to seep behind the siding it can damage the structure of the home resulting in a far more expensive repair.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are not as prone to wear and tear damage as roofs and siding are but there are still compelling reasons for updating both regularly.

 Security is always improving and new features and materials make doors and windows much more difficult to breach than ever before.

 Energy efficiency is another big especially in the winter when temperatures in Springfield can easily dip to -20 degrees overnight. Your home loses a large amount of heat through the roof and inefficient window glass. These 3 maintenance repairs or replacements can save you an immense amount of money and frustration if you catch them early.


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