Are you thinking about DIY-ing your replacement windows? If so, we can help! DIY window installation is tempting because it’s cheaper than hiring a professional. However, DIY projects are often more time-consuming and require more effort on behalf of the homeowner. And if done improperly, DIY home improvement jobs can lead to costly mistakes that may cost you money in the long run–and not even realize it until too late. This blog post will talk about why Skip The DIY Replacement Windows and avoid common mistakes when installing replacement windows at home.

Proper Window Replacement Takes Time, Tools & Skill

When most people think of replacement windows, they imagine the ease and simplicity of DIY installation. However, there are many complexities involved in proper window replacement. This is not a job for someone who has never held a hammer or drill before! Too often, homeowners take on this task only to find it is much more complex than anticipated–and costly mistakes are usually made. For example, many homeowners choose to remove the old window by breaking it with a hammer or screwdriver and prying at it from various angles, only later realizing that this is ineffective (and dangerous).

More than anything else, proper replacement windows take time–too much time for someone who’s not entirely sure what they’re doing. If you have time to spare, then DIY window installation might be for you! However, if your busy schedule has left little room for the added time necessary to complete a new home improvement project like this one–look into hiring professional replacement windows service providers in your area instead.

A skilled installer will not only save you time by installing your new windows quickly and efficiently but will make sure that the job comes out looking perfect. A big part of this is to measure correctly for replacement windows–a task that some people find difficult because they don’t understand what it means or how vital window measurements are in terms of security and energy efficiency. Inaccurate measuring can lead to windows that don’t fit properly in the opening, which is not only unsightly but can lead to compromised security (broken seals or improperly fitting locks) and energy loss.

Ensuring your replacement window installation goes smoothly requires knowledge of tools & techniques–and skilled individuals who know how to use them correctly. A professional will also be able to answer any questions you may have about your new windows and offer advice on how to maintain them correctly.

The benefits of hiring professional replacement window contractors are many–and with so much at stake, we recommend skipping the DIY route when it comes to installing new home improvement projects like this one. 

You’ll Get the Full Manufacturer’s Warranty

The warranty on your replacement windows should be a significant consideration when you’re doing the shopping–and with good reason. Many home improvement stores work exclusively with specific manufacturers so they can offer their customers limited warranties. At best, these will only cover manufacturing defects and not other problems that could arise, like faulty installation or even damage caused by negligence on your part.

Instead of going with a big box store, consider the benefits of hiring one of the skilled replacement window contractors in your area that work directly or indirectly with all major manufacturers (and some smaller ones).  So no matter what problem arises, you’ll always get access to the full warranty on every product.

Quality Windows & Quality Installation Saves You Money 

In the long run, a poorly installed replacement window can lead to air leaks–and that’s not something you want with your home improvement project. This is one of the most significant benefits of working directly with a professional window installer: they know how important it is to get things right for the product to do what it’s supposed to do–which is to keep your home comfortable and conserve energy.

More than durability, the main reason you should invest in quality replacement windows for your home is their ability to save you money on heating costs (even more so if they have a Low-E coating). Like with any other product that has an added cost, however, you want to make sure that the quality of the product is high enough to justify your investment.

That’s why hiring an experienced replacement window contractor in your area who works directly or indirectly with major manufacturers (and some smaller ones) can be an excellent option for someone looking to get good value out of their home improvement project.

After-Project Mess is a Thing of the Past

Replacing your windows can be a messy job–and if you opt for DIY, it’s something you have to deal with on top of everything else. If multiple people are working together, this is not as big an issue, but even then, the last thing anyone wants after spending time and money on improving their home is to come back to a mess.

Hiring professional window installation contractors in your area ensures you to access full warranty and expert advice, best quality & materials, and no after-project mess. Do not make the DIY approach! It can cost you time, money and even your safety.. Look no further than Semper Fi Exteriors for high-quality materials and craftsmanship. We have a wide variety of window styles available, from picture to casement windows. Our team of experts will ensure that your new windows are correctly installed for superior performance and maximum comfort.