Salesperson Opportunity

General Description:

The Semper Fi Exterior Sales Representative will act as a representative for the company in a fashion that is in line with our culture at all times. He/she will prospect, market, run appointments, give presentations, obtain clients, and manage the clients’ jobs throughout the process of doing property repairs.

Training Period:
  • During the first month of training, Semper Fi Exteriors will provide a training expense of $500 per week.
  • Semper Fi Exteriors reserves the right during the first 90 days to end their relationship with the subcontractor for any reason.
  • The first 60 days are considered your training period during which you will be provided with an initial 2-3 days of training in the office and ongoing field training with one of our current Sales Representatives. You will also be provided with weekly sales training from ContractorCoachPRO and SVGU.
  • During the first 60 days quota is not enforced but it is encouraged.
  • Days 61-90 quota must be met to avoid probation.
  • After the first week you should be able to get out on your own and start generating leads and business.
  • You must be an entity vs. a sole proprietor by 120 days.
  • Any signed Service Agreement will earn a bonus of $100 paid weekly Draw vs. Future Commissions during your training period (First 60 Days).
  • Post Training Reps will be paid a $200 Draw vs Future Commissions on any signed Construction Contract.
Job Requirements:
  • Must be neat and clean in Semper Fi Exteriors uniform when working with Semper Fi Exteriors clients.
  • Must be professional and in line with the Semper Fi Exteriors company culture when working with Semper Fi Exteriors prospective or current clients.
  • Must provide personal transportation.
  • Must be on time for appointments with prospective or current clients of Semper Fi Exteriors.
  • Must communicate clearly and timely with Semper Fi Exteriors prospective or current clients, and Semper Fi Exteriors office personnel.
  • Must be a better listener than talker when working with Semper Fi Exteriors’ prospective or current clients.
  • Must be able to climb a ladder.
  • Must be able inspect a roof.
  • If you do not already have an appropriate vehicle, one must be obtained within the first 120 days.
  • Must continue to educate themselves in our industry regarding sales techniques, application processes, product knowledge, and all other areas pertaining to their job.
  • Ensure job profitability through proper estimating, supplementing, expectation setting, and job supervision.
Job Expectations:
  • Create a minimum of 20 NEW face to face contacts per week.
  • Use the Semper Fi Exteriors All-Star Marketing tactics to create 100 new Impressions per week.
  • Make a minimum of 100 Canvassing Calls per week.
  • Generate a minimum of 10 New Leads per week.
  • Run a minimum of 10 Appointments per week.
  • Perform a minimum of 8 Inspections per week.
  • Create a minimum of 6 Opportunities per week.
  • Give a minimum of 6 Presentations per week.
  • Obtain a minimum of 3 Service Agreements per week.
  • Schedule a minimum of 3 Adjuster Meetings per week.
  • Win a minimum of 2 New Jobs per week.
  • Generate a minimum of $12,500 in Revenue per week.
  • Meet a minimum quota of $50,000 in Revenue each month.
  • Attend a monthly job review with management.
  • If quota is not met, the subcontractor will be on probation for the following month.
  • If quota is not met for two consecutive months by the subcontractor, they could be released from the Semper Fi Exteriors team at the sole discretion of their direct manager.
Tools, Marketing and Training Provided by Semper Fi Exteriors, LLC:
  • Tools – ladder to be leased, tablet, pitch gauge, shingle gauge, tape measure, construction clipboard, etc. will be leased if needed.
  • Marketing – All-Star Marketing Techniques, Flyers, Brochures, Credentials, and Leads through Semper Fi Exteriors marketing, and telemarketing. Note: Any All-Star Marketing must be approved by Semper Fi Exteriors management.
  • Training – full sales and construction knowledge training through ContractorCoachPRO and SVGU. You will be provided with a Training Manual, Digital Presentation, and a detailed Sales Process to follow.
  • Continuing Education can be done through Semper Fi Exteriors, ContractorCoachPRO, SVGU, or other approved resources of your choosing, including suppliers, manufacturers and industry events.