Lots of wind damage, missing shingles, and damage to the roof.



Nick: Hey, how are you? It’s Nick at Semper Fi Exteriors, and Charles is gonna show you what we have going on on this roof right now. The adjuster and the ladder assist is up here looking at the roof and showing us some damage. Let me show you some of the damage they showed us. Charles, do you wanna show us what we got going on here?

Charles: Sure. So we have some wind damage right here.

Nick: What makes that wind damage?

Charles: Well, see there’s crease lines here which show that the shingle has been lifted up and blown black by the wind.

Nick: Yep. All right.

Charles: And right here, we have a… This is really bad, there’s missing shingles, the ridge [00:28] ____ is completely kinda loose here. And we can actually see rotting plywood underneath where all these missing shingles should be to cover up that plywood.

Nick: And what about over here? What do you got going?

Charles: There’s plenty more missing shingles, more wind damaged shingles. Yeah.

Nick: So what we have going on, if you look… I’ll show you this right here. You can see that we have lots of wind damaged shingles. See that line going across is what makes it wind damage. And then obviously the missing shingles is a no-brainer, that’s pretty easy. And this one’s actually flipped upside down, and you could see a whole bunch here, and… Well, anyways. I just wanted to show you what we have going on on this roof. Charles, say goodbye.

Charles: See you.

Nick: And we’re gonna finish up here with the ladder assist and we hope this will help you out.