It’s nearly impossible to spot wind damage from the ground. Getting up on a roof is the best way to find it…and more. Luckily, many homeowners can get a new roof paid for by insurance. It starts with a free roof inspection from Semper Fi Exteriors.



Hey, how are you? It’s Nick with Semper Fi Exteriors. I want to show you some wind damage that we’re finding in this roof. It’s mostly in the back, although there are some in the front. But check it out. We are at a home in Springfield right now. And here’s some wind damage shingles here. So when you look at it from the ground, you could see that it looks normal until we get up here and see them closer. So for example, see this crease right here, or this one right here, what happens is the wind comes up, you could see that this one’s adhered, this one’s adhered here, they won’t lift up. But the wind comes up, eventually, it catches is one of these things. And it creates this crease because the wind catches it.

Well, that’s damage according to the insurance companies. And it is because if it comes off then it’s gonna start to create leaks, so I’ll show you a few more here. Here’s another one here. We have one up there. Sometimes they’re together. Sometimes they’re sort of random on the house, and I’ll just show you a couple more. Here’s a couple more here. And here’s one right here. Again, what happens is the wind catches it and it creates that crease. So we’re gonna recommend to the homeowner that they put an insurance claim and get the roof replaced. You can see that it’s a decent-sized roof. A lot going on here. And this should be an easy one to be able to get the insurance company to approve and get a new roof for the homeowner.