Mike and Nick are in the field doing training when they spot some significant hail damage. What does your insurance company want to see when approving a roof replacement? Nick can help.



00:02 Speaker 1: Hey, how are you? Nick Bonadies here. I wanna take a quick second and show you what we’re finding on this roof. Real quick, Mike say hi down there.

00:08 Speaker 2: Hello.

00:09 S1: Wave hi. [chuckle] We’re up here training with Mike today and showing him some things. We were getting off the roof, but I wanted to run up and do a quick video for you. This home owner called us out to take a look at their roof. The shingles themselves are actually in okay shape, except for we found hail damage. So check this out. So if you look right here for example, is hail damage. Here’s another hit from hail right here. Let’s see, here’s another hit right here. See if we could find some more here real quick. Let’s see, there was other ones around, it’s just a matter of finding them. Here’s one right here for example. So you can see right here the granules start to fall off, and then the mat underneath is actually soft. So that’s one of the telltale signs for… Sorry I had to get myself a footing here. We’re on a fairly steep roof. That’s one telltale sign for when hail hit a house, as well as there’s a lot of other things that we look for. So the neat thing is, this is definitely a candidate to put through for the insurance company to see if we can get this replaced for the home owner. We should have no problem with that, getting the insurance company to replace this roof in full. Have a great day.