Wind damage is hard to spot from the ground. It takes a roof inspection to spot just how much damage is on your roof. For this Virginia homeowner, it was a lot!



00:05 Nick: Hey, how are you? It’s Nick here. Let me show you what I’m finding on this roof. I’m getting ready to meet the insurance adjuster to hopefully get this roof paid for by the insurance company. Check this out, the home owner didn’t even realize that they had damage. So look at this, all these things right here are wind damaged shingles. So you can see that there is a bunch of them. That’s on the back. Sometimes we only see it on one side of the house, but check this out, this is on the front. So you can see… I’ll come around here, so you can… I’ll walk down here so you can check it out. It’s a fairly low slope roof, which is nice. So check it out. You can see all these wind damaged shingles. And you can see that thing right there. So the way this works is on the front there’s 50 plus that are wind damaged, on the back there’s also 50 plus. If the insurance company doesn’t replace this one and pay for it, I’d be shocked.

00:50 Nick: And actually looking at it here, I don’t even know if you can see it, his shed has a bunch of damage on it as well. So hopefully we can get a shed paid for. And I’ll show you sort of what’s going on here. If you look, what happens is the shingles end up coming loose from the wind, and when they don’t adhere to the shingle underneath them anymore, what happens is the insurance company deems it as wind damage. And you can’t see it from the ground is a problem because when these are laying down, they look just like this. It looks like a normal roof. And what happens is, the only way to know is when we get up on the roof and actually check it out and take a look. So I wanted to show you what we’re finding, I’ll keep you updated on what the insurance company says.