What better weather to look for wind damage than a windy day? Nick is up on a steep roof in strong winds to show you how to spot wind damage.



00:04 Speaker 1: Hey, how are you? It’s Nick here on this nice, windy day out here, so I’ve got a good footing on this roof ’cause it is a little bit steep, but I wanna show you what I found on this roof. I found some wind damage, and I’m going through right now, marking some shingles, so I’m gonna show you how we mark them. So if you take a look, see all the chalk marks there? So you could see the chalk marks, you could see something down there, sorry, I don’t wanna move here at the moment because I’m sort of stable, so you could see all those over there, and I just marked some of them, I only marked them on one side of the house, right now I’m gonna go check the other side here in a minute, but let me show you what this looks like.

00:34 S1: So what happens is, sorry about the shaky camera, it’s really windy out today, so what happens is, see how these shingles are actually loose 100%, so as you’re looking at these, what happens is… That’s all wind damage. So they were here at one time, because the tar’s on the back of the shingles, and it’s all wind damage. Now, according to the insurance company, they will deem that not as wind damage. The great thing is when we use a public adjuster, we’re able to get this through the insurance company, and 99.9% of the time, they will approve it, because it is wind damage. They were adhered at one time, and now they’re loose. So we’re gonna recommend to this homeowner, it’s a past client of mine, that they do run this through insurance, and I am fairly confident we will able to get this thing approved and through 100% for these folks, to get him a nice new roof.

01:19 S1: The roof, it is a little bit weathered, I mean you could see there’s spots and stuff all over. By the way, we do have hail damage and stuff as well, but we’re gonna probably go out to the wind side of the claim on here, so if you have not had your roof inspected, let us know, we’ll come out and inspect it for free.