Is This Roof Repairable Or Not… NOT!! Get a pro’s view of inspecting a roof for an insurance claim. See how Semper Fi conducts a roof test and what that means for the homeowner.



​00:00 Speaker 1: Hey, how are you? It’s Nick Bonadies with Semper Fi Exteriors. We’re out here doing a repairability test for the insurance company to see is this roof repairable or not? Lane, if you scan up there just for a minute, you can see some of the missing shingles that are up there. The insurance company wants to pay for just us to repair some shingles. So, we’re out here to see, is the roof repairable or not? If it doesn’t pass the test, then the insurance company will replace the whole roof, if it does, we’re good to go. Now, I’m gonna switch over to the insurance side ’cause I’m gonna splice this part back for the insurance company. So here we go. This is [——]. Again, it’s Allstate, it is June 25th, and it’s about 9:30 right now. It’s a little overcast, it’s sprinkling out, and it’s 70 degrees. So, let’s go ahead and do this test and see what we have going. Here’s a couple of our damaged shingles right here, so we’re gonna go ahead and take these up right here.


01:04 S1: Alright, we’ll cut this one set of shingles right here. Just make sure that thing’s still recording, Lane. And what is unusual about this Lane, if you can get, this is actually stapled in. I don’t know if you could see that, very unusual, I guess you can do that, but it’s stapled in as opposed to nailed in. I’ve never actually run across a roof that’s stapled, so we’ll see how this goes. Okay. Alright, cool.


01:46 S1: And it’s stapled very high up here as well. So you could see there’s staples actually up here too, so we’re going to have to get those out.


02:37 S1: Alright. So there’s our old shingle right there, and we’ll get rid of that. Let’s make sure. So you could see these high staples, we’re gonna bang those down, so that we can get this new shingle in there. Alright, let me grab some nails here.


03:01 S1: Still recording, Lane?

03:02 Speaker 2: Mm-hmm.


03:09 S1: Alright, so this is the shingle that ITEL came back with, and says matches the existing shingles.


03:33 S1: Alright, let’s line this sucker up. So there we go, we’re lining it up real quick, let’s get this thing nailed in.


04:02 S1: Almost done here.

04:04 Speaker 3: Hi.

04:06 S1: Hi, how are you? Are you still recording?

04:07 S2: It has stopped recording.

04:10 S1: When did it stop, Lane?

04:11 S2: Just like a minute, a second ago.

04:13 S1: Alright, so just start recording again.

04:14 S2: Yeah, I did.

04:15 S1: All set?

04:15 S2: Mm-hmm.

04:16 S1: Alright. Okay, so what we have here is this, you can see what’s going on here. Now, what happened here? So here’s our new shingle, and you can see that… Well, heck man, look at that one. It’s actually broken. So the granules are actually coming off. So the repairability… Here’s what would have happened. Let me just grab a piece of chalk if I have one. Still recording, Lane?

04:47 S2: Mm-hmm.

04:48 S1: So here’s what just happened. So it actually damaged all the shingles that are just directly up above it. So for the insurance company, if we damage these and we repair these, here’s a new set of shingles. So we would actually have to repair… It comes all the way over to here. We’d have to repair all of those, and these. So we’re coming over, so we have a new set there. Those come all the way over to here, and it dominoes up because whenever we do that, it’s gonna damage those as well, so we’re looking more like this now, and it just keeps going. So what happens is, this one set of shingles right here is gonna domino all the way up, and this just is one, two… I don’t know, what? 250 shingles or something? So, we’ll send this over to the insurance company, but in my opinion, there’s no way that we can repair this, and then you can see, it destroyed the shingles up above it, even so much so that it ripped it. So, yeah, there’s no way to repair this roof. Look real quick here. Still recording?

06:07 S2: I don’t know. It seems to be…