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Semper Fi Roofing & Siding Installer, Certified by GAF, James Hardie & more.
10 Year Labor Warranty, On all Semper Fi Roof Replacements.
Professional Asset Protection While Removing Your Old Roof.
No-debris, No Damage Roofing & Siding Clean Up Guaranteed.


If you're looking to get a new roof and siding, give these guys a chance. This company went well above and beyond to ensure we got a new roof. They worked with our insurance company so we didn't have to. Superb service and customer experience by Nick, Ben and his team.


Woodbridge Roofing Services

Overview of our Woodbridge Roofing Services: Commercial, Residental, Shingle Roofs, and Flat Roofs.


Woodbridge Roof Replacement Guidelines

Guidelines, Permitting and Design submission requirements for Saratoga.

Homeowners of Woodbridge, Virginia have trusted
Semper Fi Exteriors LLC for 20 years to reliably build
equity in their homes.


Reputable Roofing Woodbridge, VA Area

Located on the beautiful Potomac River, just a stone’s throw away from Washington, D.C., Woodbridge, VA is one-part historical, one-part suburban, and one-part culture combined into one amazing community. Named after Thomas Mason’s 1795 wooden toll bridge that was constructed to supplant the existing ferry, Woodbridge is home to many commuters to D.C. The location is close enough to commute via highway or train via the Virginia Railway Express or Amtrak and enjoy the cultural amenities offered by D.C. but far enough for more affordable housing. Residents of Woodbridge love their neighborhoods because Woodbridge is so much more than just a place to come home to at the end of the day. Woodbridge is home. Residents take pride in their properties and know that they are part of a caring community of like-minded folks, so it’s no surprise that 71% of Woodbridge residents own their homes. With an extensive history, beautiful homes, and access to world-class amenities, having the right roofing contractor in Woodbridge, VA will help you enjoy your home for years to come.

Semper Fi Exteriors is honored to be part of your community and to offer you the same level of commitment to the integrity of your neighborhood as you do. As your roofing contractor in Woodbridge, VA, we bring 30 years of experience and the loyalty and respect instilled in us as USMC veterans.

What makes us one of the top roofing companies in Woodridge, VA is that our highly trained and experienced installers treat your home as their own. We give your home the same care and commitment that you do and never rush a job. At Semper Fi Exteriors, we believe a job is not finished until we have your 100% satisfaction.

Affordable, quality roofing in Woodbridge, VA is vital to your peace of mind that your investment is being protected. At Semper Fi Exteriors, we offer superior roofing, siding, new and replacement windows, and exterior doors, and our goal is to continue to be the best roofing company in Woodridge, VA.

Getting a new roof put on your home is one of your larger remodeling investments, so it’s important to you and to us that it’s done right the first time. Perhaps you only need a roof repair due to storm, wind, or hail damage. Semper Fi Exteriors is a GAF-certified contractor, so replacement or repair, we have you covered. We are your number one company for roofing and gutter supplies in Woodbridge, VA.

Semper Fi Exteriors understand the needs of every resident of Woodbridge. Having invested in this region, replaced and repaired roofs for years, we have rich experience and background you can count on. Whether you need help preserving the integrity of your old home or looking to update it using top of the line materials, we will take care of all that.

Semper Fi Exteriors of all roofing companies in Woodbridge, VA, never vanishes once the project is complete. We are local, and in case you need further assistance, our experts are always available to respond to your call. Don’t let any roofing problem give your sleepless nights while we provide affordable quality roofing in Woodbridge, VA. We excel in what we do, and that always manifests.


Quality roofing at affordable prices


Best value for money


Full-service commercial roof repair


Install roofing systems that meet your needs


Getting your old, leaky roof replaced in Woodbridge, VA

Maintaining the integrity of your home should always be a top priority. You dropped some good cash in the first place, and it would be wrong to neglect an investment that costed you that much. A bad roof exposes you and your family to harsh weather and elements, and the earlier you have it repaired or replaced, the better.

Regular inspection by a reputable roofing company near you in Woodbridge, VA, can ensure you keep your home in its best shape possible. Some of the signs that may indicate it is time to replace your roof include:


Shingles are curling, blustering, or cracking


Roof looks old


It is leaking


Shingles are torn, missing, or damaged


There is wind or hail damage


Extensive granule loss on shingles, fiberglass is visible


Your roof is 20+ year old

Semper Fi Exteriors professionals work with you to identify whether it is time to replace your roof. Regardless of the kind of Woodbridge home you have, they consider various factors before concluding it is time for a replacement.

They do so to avoid scenarios where roofers replace roofs that did not require replacement. Roof replacement requires some financial commitment, and we wouldn’t want to see you commit to that when it is not the right time. Or when an option like roof replacement is a viable option. Let us inspects your existing roofing, and we will surely advise you whether it is necessary to replace it. We are confident you will love our services.


Roof repair services to homeowners in Woodbridge, VA

Semper Fi Exteriors is not new to roof repairs. We have been repairing roofs in Woodbridge, VA, for years, and our work has always stood out. Everywhere we go, our quality work speaks louder, and that is how we have managed to outshine other roofing contractors in Woodbridge, VA. And we try not to brag about that — we were told it is impolite. Love to see why Woodbridge residents’ calls use for roof repairs? We got pretty evidence at hand for you.

So, if contemplating repairing your roof (we can help if unsure it is time for repair), let Semper Fi Exteriors step in. We will examine the extent of damage and further simplify the entire process of repairing.

No Roofing Issue Is Bigger Than Us

We have seen and been involved in many roofing activities in Woodbridge, VA, which has reinforced our capacity to accept any roofing challenge. Any roofing problem, no matter how serious it may look, our experts can handle it. Even those roofing tasks other roofing contractors in Woodbridge, VA don’t take — we solve them without complaint and on time. Just ask your neighbors about that one roofer who handle all roofing problems impeccably!


A Roofing Company That Cares

Woodbridge is a unique place and has continued to maintain its historic charm despite the recent growth of modern structures. This uniqueness, which is special to the residents of Woodbridge, is also reflected in their homes.

Semper Fi Exteriors know the ins and outs of this uniqueness and how it matches the various roofing styles preferred here. Our investment in Woodbridge as a company has really helped us understand the value of supporting residents to preserve that uniqueness — and we have remained true to that.

We know all Woodbridge roofing needs and always ensure your needs are addressed to your satisfaction. Whether you need helping to install a new roof or repair the existing one, Semper Fi Exteriors got your back all the time. Get in touch today for a roofing consultation. Our experts will be happy to listen and help you all the way!

At Semper Fi Exteriors, we love our Woodbridge community as much as you do, and we want to be an integral part of its continued growth and development. We know that your home may likely be your largest financial investment, but even more important than that, we recognize that the safety of your loved ones is your top priority. As your neighborhood roofing contractor in Woodbridge, VA, we take that responsibility very seriously. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, or investor, we understand how critical it is for you to work with a reputable roofing contractor in your Woodbridge, VA community. We welcome your questions and will gladly provide you with licensing and insurance paperwork and provide you with references. We are proud of the quality work that we do, and we want you to feel secure in your decision to entrust your property to us.

Honor, commitment, respect, courage, and loyalty are the principles Semper Fi Exteriors follows daily to ensure the provided services meet your needs. The professionals at Semper Fi Exteriors go the extra mile to ensure the job is done right the first time so your family can enjoy the new remodel for years to come without concern. Featuring some of the most qualified employees and subcontractors in the region, Semper Fi Exteriors delivers the best quality on every job.

At Semper Fi Exteriors, we believe that a good relationship with our clients is the key to everyone’s success. We are confident in our ability to be the best roofing company in Woodbridge, VA. Book a roofing inspection today, with no purchase necessary, and we will donate $25 to Honoring Fallen Heroes.

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