Nolan gives us a quick lesson in spotting hail damage on a room – and a little information on what your insurance company will probably be looking for if you file an insurance claim for hail damage. Check out this video to learn some of the telltale signs of hail damage.



Nick: Hey, how are you? It’s Nick from Semper Fi Exteriors. I wanna show you what we’re finding on this roof and actually right down the street there, you can’t quite see it. We’re over in Burke right now. We have a project that just started over there. We got a couple of others that we’re getting ready to start in the neighborhood, and I’m up here with Nolan. Nolan, say hi.

I’m gonna have Nolan show you guys what we have going on this roof real quick. So Nolan, what do we have going on? Let’s talk about these squares, these circles right there. What do we have going on?

Nolan: Well we have some hail damage here.

Nick: Alright, how do we know it’s hail damage?

Nolan: What happens is – put your fingers on it and come down – see those granules falling down?

Nick: So, what your saying is: When the hail hits it, it knocks off the granules and damages the mat behind it?

Okay, so for example… Let’s use this one right here. So what Nolan is trying to show you is…see that mark right there? That is from hail and the way that we know that we always start with the soft metal. So walk across Nolan, and let’s show them the soft metals. By the way, as we’re walking over there, Nolan’s making his way over there, you can see that on the front, we found 10 +. So the insurance companies say that, ideally, they want 10 plus [hail damage] within a 10 x 10 square. So that’s where we start with. Let’s talk about some soft metal there.

So check this out, I’ll let Nolan pull it up and show you what we’re looking at. And what we’re looking at there…

Nolan: See, all of these dents. Here is hail damage.

Nick: So here’s a question for you, as you’re sitting there, could you see this from the ground?

Nolan: Not at all, as a matter of fact.

Nick: Nolan, did you know there was any damage from hail up here?

Nolan: Not at all.

Nick: Alright, cool, let’s show ’em what. Maybe I should not fall off the room here. So you can see here, all this stuff here is all from hail. We’ve got some other marks and stuff on here. By the way, we use the chalk to help highlight the hail so that it’s sort of is easier to see what [you’re looking at.]

Right when you first look at it, you can’t really see it, and for example, here’s the back, we have 10+ back there and Nolan was actually working over here. We didn’t chart this. Hopefully, you can see it in the video, you have… See how it’s all dented up, and stuff?

So what happens is, we start with the soft metals, and then we move to the shingles. And with this homeowner, the homeowner was out front looking up from the ground, so we talked to him and showed them and stuff. We’re getting ready to get off the roof and show them the damage, and if they wanna make an insurance claim, great; if not, no big deal. But they definitely have a claim here, and it’s a good claim. We already know there’s hail in the neighborhood because of neighbors and stuff that we’re doing work for… So say goodbye, Nolan.

Nolan: Bye

Nick: Have a good one.