Fredericksburg, VA

 Fredricksburg, Virginia Home Repair and Construction


Fredricksburg, Virginia is a small town on the banks of the Rappahannock River. Fredricksburg’s neighborhoods are filled with historic homes that pre-date the nation itself.

Fredricksburg’s historic homes played a storied and significant role in the founding and shaping of our nation and they are rightfully respected as the irreplaceable national treasures that they are. The maintenance and repair of these homes is usually

The professionals at Semper Fi Construction have the experience and knowledge to balance the need to maintain the safety and health of the homeowners with the need to preserve as much of the original historic structure and materials as possible.


Our team of roofing specialists can handle any project from roofing repairs to full roof replacement. We have experience with a wide array of roofing materials including asphalt shingles, wood shingles, slate tiles, and metal enabling us to work with the variety of period roofing seen on Fredricksburg’s historic homes.

There is a silver lining to a full roof replacement. When replacing the roof on a historic home we are able to update and upgrade the insulation weather sealing to modern standards, something that is often not feasible when simply performing a roof repair. With new insulation and sealing installed most homeowners are shocked at how much they save each month on their heating and cooling costs.


The age of Fredricksburg’s historic homes will generally predate the modern siding materials like fiber cement, stucco, or vinyl.

The traditional brick and wood used for the exterior of historic homes requires special care to avoid staining or damaging the original structure. The Semper Fi team has the experience to perform these delicate projects properly to ensure the original materials are not damaged.

Windows and Doors

Fortunately the doors and windows are generally one of the few areas of a historic property that can be upgraded and modernized without violating preservation statutes. Updating your doors and windows to modern materials specifically designed to improve security and physical comfort makes this upgrade an easy choice.

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