A lot of insurance companies will be willing to spring for a roof repair, but not a full replacement. A brittle test can be the deciding factor in whether you get a new roof or not.



Alright, here we go with a brittle test. You can see that the shingle is damaged there; it comes all the way over to here. So we’ve gotta take this shingle up and this shingle up. Let’s lift them up a little bit and see what we’ve got going here. They’re pretty loose. So there’s not even a 90-degree angle, about a 45. You can see where it just broke right there, and probably tough to see, but it actually snapped off right there as well, those are extremely brittle. This one here, there’s our nail right there, it didn’t snap off, but you can see all the granules and stuff coming off. So the bridle test has failed.