Nick and Thomas head up to the roof for two neighbors and find more than just wind damage. It’s a great example of why roof inspections are so important to make sure your roof (and your property) are protected.



Nick: Hey, how are you? It’s Nick with Semper Fi Exteriors. Let me show you what we’re finding on this roof, so we’re here with Thomas. Thomas, say hi. [chuckle] So Thomas, real quick, show us what we have going on on this roof here.

Thomas: Alright, we have a missing shingle right here, we found some with wind damage, as you can tell from the crease right up here, so we marked them…

Nick: What makes the crease wind damaged? Explain that a little bit.

Thomas: When the shingle’s left like this, when it becomes detached… You can see the tar from right under here. When it becomes detached, the wind just makes it go like this, and when it constantly does that, the granules right here become loose, and then that’s just the crease for essentially the fold of the shingle, which is the damage.

Nick: What happens is this. Check this out. We were over here working on the neighbor’s house. Sorry, it is a pretty steep roof, if you can’t tell. So we’re over here at the neighbor’s house, and the neighbor says, “Hey, come look at my neighbor’s house,” which is this neighbor. So all these shingles like this. See this big crease going across here, and the fact that it’s detached? All that stuff is wind damage. And the other thing is this: When we have something like this, we do a brittle test sometimes. And that’s what this BT stands for. By the way, just to show you, [chuckle] Thomas has lost his footing, almost went off the roof. I told him, by the way, earlier, if he falls, because it is a steep roof, I said, “Don’t go and take me.” Let me show you one more thing that I just happened to notice. If you look at the other neighbor’s house, I’m gonna zoom in. Thomas, look at that. Look at the house over here. Look at that right there, guys. This is what we find a lot of times, that homeowners can’t see this stuff necessarily from the way they drive in.

Nick: And I’m gonna walk over one more sec here and show you the neighbor’s house that we initially saw, which just got approved by the insurance today. That’s why we’re out here. We met with the insurance adjuster, I walked through a cobweb or something, and I’m gonna show you a few things here. Check this out. Again, wind damage, it failed the brittle test, and a lot of the neighbors have the same thing. So he referred us over to his neighbor, now we’re gonna work with him. And obviously, the neighbor next has plywood showing, which obviously is gonna lead to leaks. I hope this help you out, I’m out of breath, because this is a steep roof, and… Here, I’ll show you how steep one more time before we go, so you can kinda see how steep this sucker is, but this is what we do. We love it. If you have any questions, let us know. Say bye, Thomas.

Thomas: See you, guys.