The most vulnerable point of entry into your home is your basement window. These windows generally face the back of your house, making them out of sight of most security cameras, and their location makes the chances of someone seeing an illegal entry pretty slim. If you have floodlights on your property, they don’t often cover the basement windows, so this entry point is left in the dark and an easy target for burglars.

Homeowners don’t often put much thought into their basement windows as the area is usually just used for storage, but accessing your basement, means burglars have access to the rest of your home. These are eight tips for you to use to secure this entry point and make your home less vulnerable to a burglar.

1. Install Sensors in Basement Windows


If your home has a security system installed, then it probably has window and door sensors in place. Check with your security company and ensure your basement windows were included when these sensors were installed. Having a sensor in your windows will alert you if these windows are opened.
Often the stickers provided by your security company are enough to deter a criminal from choosing your property to vandalize or break into. Ensure each basement window has a sticker placed on it to alert would-be burglars; this entry is also secured.

2. Use Polycarbonate or Plexiglass for Basement Windows


It may cost a bit more initially to use polycarbonate or plexiglass for your basement windows. Still, they will be ten times stronger than glass and discourage would-be burglars from attempting a basement entry into your home. You may not choose to use this material on all windows, but you could pick which areas are most vulnerable to use them.

3. Window Bars on Basement Windows


Window bars prevent entry into your basement even if a burglar smashes your glass panes. These bars are available in decorative designs so as not to deter from the appearance of your house.

4. Place Shrubs in Front of Basement Windows


An old tactic that is still practical is placing thorny shrubs in front of your basement windows. These plants can be placed strategically around your home and give any would-be burglars a surprise if they try to pass through them into your window area.

5. Place Extra Locks on Basement Windows

Additional aftermarket locks can make your basement windows more secure. Consider placing:

  Pin locks

  Hinged wedge locks

  Keyed locks

  Sash locks

Depending on the type of window used in your basement, one of these locks will work to make them more secure.

6. Use Tempered Glass on Basement Windows


Using tempered glass on your basement windows will make them four times stronger than annealed glass. If broken, this glass will crumble, and burglars will have a more difficult time entering your home.

7. Ensure Security Cameras Capture Basement Window Area


Placing a security camera on your property with HD video and night vision will deter burglars from choosing your home to enter. These cameras will also allow you to monitor any activity. If a burglar should try to enter your home, you will be able to call emergency assistance before they complete their act.

8. Place Motion Floodlights to Capture Movement at Basement Windows


Floodlights, especially those that come on when motion is detected, are a great way to chase away any would-be burglars. These criminals don’t want to be in the light when attempting to break into someone’s house. These lights can now send alerts to your phone when motion is detected, so you have a chance to scare off intruders or call for help.

Who to Contact to Make Basement Windows Secure


Semper Fi Exteriors is at the front of window technology. If you want peace of mind in knowing your basement and your home are secure, contact our office and get a free quote on window replacement. We are ready to make your home both more efficient and safe with our advanced features, including double-strength, dual vent latches, dual cam locks, and more to make your home better protected.