Many homeowners don’t know how to make proper window replacements and installations. Many people prefer to hire professional window installers to get the job done right and as smoothly as possible.

Installing windows properly in your home is vital for many reasons. From reducing water leaks to keeping outside dirt and debris from coming into your home, proper window installation is almost as necessary as the window itself.

In this post, we will discuss the top 5 things to expect during window installation and what you can do to prepare your home:

1. Home Prep


Before the installation process, your window installer will advise you to remove any items from the window surrounds. Ensure you move everything movable away from the window to avoid possible damage to them.
You also want to clear bushes and other items that surround the outside of the window. Leave enough space for the window installer to walk and work freely. This will also protect your new window from any damage.

2. Scheduling the Window Installation


A professional window installer will want to know how many windows are being replaced or installed. This helps determine the number of working hours or days needed to complete the project. On average, you can expect between two to three days to start and complete the installation process.
Again, the estimated completion time is contingent on everything else running smoothly, with no additional repairs needed. Inclement weather and other external elements may also interfere with the installation schedule. So, ensure you are flexible with the installation timelines.

3. Prepare for the Installation Process


Here are a few things you want to consider to prepare your home for window installation:
Remove blinds, shades, and window treatments. All decorations and plants on sills and window ledges should also be removed to not interfere with the installation process.
Decide which doors the installers will use to access your home during the installation process.

Turn off any security features on your windows.
Put your children and pets in a safe and secure place for safety purposes.

4. During the Window Installation


Ensure you check if the window installer is using the right window brands and specifications. You also want to check if the new windows have any damages when they arrive.

The old windows will be removed carefully and their replacements installed. As a general rule, the contractor will remove and install new windows one at a time. This will protect your home from external elements like unexpected rains or winds.

Old windows must also be disposed of properly by your window installer.

5. After the New Window Installation is Complete


Ensure you perform a walkthrough with the installer to check any visible gaps between the frames and sills. All windows must be measured correctly and sit flush against the walls with no gaps.

You should also be able to open and close the window easily without much resistance.
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